Compeititon Groom

Andrea Amor

Andrea freelanced for me at the Sunshine Tour in 2018 and she was amazing so I asked her to please let me know if she ever wanted a full time job. Thankfully I got a phone call from her in September 2018 saying she would be interested in the full time position and so she then came full time.... yay!!! She has been such a valuable member to the team and takes such good care of the horses. I am very lucky to have her!

Yard Manager

Jessica Hunt

Jess worked part time for us throughout 2018 and then joined us full time in 2019 as yard manager. Jess has been completely invaluable to the team she is the most lovely person to have around and does an incredible job running the yard and looking after all the horses and the girls. We are extremely lucky to have Jess she is a superstar!! 


Millie Harries

Millie is the most wonderful owner and I am very happy to say that she owns the most wonderful horse to match! In 2013 Millie’s husband, Richard, sent me on a secret mission to find a young event horse for Millie as a surprise birthday present. That was when we found Emirati Nightsky who is a huge talent to watch out for in the future. He proved this by winning the National 5yr old Championships in his first season of Eventing and I am delighted for Millie that he is such a special one!


Jules, Katherine & Alex Adams

Jules, Katherine and Alex joined the team in Autumn of 2016. It all came about when Alex came and helped on the yard earlier in the year; Alex herself is a fantastic event rider. I was unbelievably lucky in that Alex introduced me to her parents Jules and Katherine who bought a half share in Exclusive my superstar stallion, it was all too good to be true but it really did happen! I am so lucky to have them on board as owners, they are brilliant fun and we all have a great time when they come to events!,


The Mayfly Syndicate

I am very excited to have the Mayfly Syndicate on board; the Mayfly Syndicate is made up of some very fun and lovely South East ladies who I absolutely love having as part of the team. Some horses that have appeared in the syndicate so far have been Junior II, Ella, Exclusive, Mr Tornado & Mr Bullseye. We have masses of fun when the girls come to watch and I hope that the fun will continue long into the future!


Ed Lyall (B Vet Med, Cert EM (Stud Med), MRCVS)

Ed Lyall (B Vet Med, Cert EM (Stud Med), MRCVS) from the Arundel Equine hospital is one of the most experienced equine vets in the country. He does a brilliant job keeping all of the horses healthy and happy and is definitely an integral part of the team.


Grant Laing

Grant took us on at the beginning of 2017 he has got a fantastic reputation and takes huge pride in his work and pays great attention to detail.

Family & Supporters

Cindy Llewellyn

Cindy, my mum has been an essential part of my career. I continued my education through school and University and mum was the person who kept everything running smoothly and managed all aspects of the business during this time. In addition, mum is a British Eventing accredited trainer and a full time trainer of pupils from all disciplines. She is now also a Senior selector for Team New Zealand. Mum has been a huge support to me and her help and support is invaluable.

Family & Supporters

Max Routledge

Max is my fiance, he has been a huge support to me. He is a very successful Show Jumper and young horse producer so he is really busy however he still finds time to be such a huge support to me and my career. It is lovely doing to horses together and having two sets of eyes and two sets of ideas all the time when training.



Daisy is my pride and joy, she is the best dog in the world and comes everywhere with me!!!