I am sponsored by Ariat, the technology that goes into their boots makes them incredibly comfortable, smart and hardwearing with that feel good factor – I can happily wear them all day. To see their full range of apparel visit

Top Spec

At the beginning of 2008 I won a scholarship with Top Spec. I would recommend their products to anyone. Top Spec is really good at keeping condition on horses without having a heated effect. Some of my horses are very fussy eaters and it has affected their condition in the past. However to my huge relief since they have been eating Top Spec they have kept their appetites and so consequently results are better than ever!


Exclusive agents for Frederic BUTET saddles and DYON leatherwork. Since 1998 the company has been owned and managed by Annika Sederholm. BUTET saddles are handcrafted in Saumur, France and offer both horse and rider unparalleled balance, comfort and performance. The materials used are second to none. Our aim is for the service we provide to match the quality of the product that we sell.

Roflexs UK

We are UK distributors for Roflexs, an amazing new German electric fencing system. We use their fencing systems for creating small quickly moveable turnout areas and paddock dividers. Their fencing is unbelievably quick simple and tidy. For more information visit


I am very fortunate to be sponsored by Prolite. I use their products all the time, for training and competition. They are brilliant at absorbing impact, eliminating pressure points and help to prevent rubbing – hence a happy horse! To see Prolite’s full range visit


Paxton is the UK designer and manufacturer of market leading electronic access control, they manufacture all products locally. They aim for engineering excellence, which means creating intelligent and innovative products that are fit to meet the challenges and trends of the access control industry. Paxton has become a market leader through our constant efforts to exceed the expectations of our customer base and continues to enjoy significant international expansion

Charles Owen

One of my sponsors is ‘Charles Owen’, they support the British Pony Team which I was a member of for three years. They have now continued to sponsor me and I am so happy to be able to represent them. I have been wearing Charles Owen hats since I started riding. For more information visit:

Knill James Accountants

I am really lucky to be sponsored by Knill James Accountants. Knill James is a well-established and highly respected firm of accountants, providing services to businesses in the Brighton and Lewes area and throughout the south east. They provide the most professional service and I am so fortunate to provide this kind of support.

KBIS - British Equestrian Insurance

KBIS have helped with both our horse insurance and the liability insurance for the yard for over four years now and they have always been a pleasure to deal with! KBIS also put a lot back into the equestrian world through sponsorship and have been supporting the British Eventing U18 series (previously the JRN series) for many years, indeed when I was taking part myself. For further information on KBIS please visit

Kevin Bacon

I am extremely lucky to have Kevin Bacon as a sponsor. Everyone knows no hoof no horse; Kevin Bacon products keep my horses' hooves in the best condition which assists in their soundness and general well being.